The workgroup German-Dutch history, also known as the Arbeitskreis deutsch-niederländische Geschichte, is a platform for historians who research transfers, relationships and comparisons between Germany and the Netherlands. The group aims to connect scholars from the two countries, to stimulate exchange of ideas and experiences. Every year a workshop is organized, in either the Netherlands or Germany. The past few years workshops took part in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Nijmegen and Essen. The workshop is open to both young scholars working on a PhD project as well as seniors who study German-Dutch interaction for a longer period. Although traditionally the Netherlands and Germany were central object of study, in recent years the research focus has widened and deepened. Trends such as transnational history as well as Histoire croisée have opened up opportunities for more border crossing research; the work group also cooperates with counterparts in Belgium and France.

During the year, the workgroup stays in contact via internet and a mailing list. See for more information: